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CFAS Connects: Back to School: Has Pandemic Fatigue Set In? - Shared screen with speaker view
AAMC: Eric Weissman
Like all CFAS Connects sessions, the ultimate goal is to hear YOUR perspectives, comments, and questions... please be ready for the open conversation.
AAMC: Eric Weissman
You can use the chat field to enter comments or questions - or you can just type your name if you'd like to make a comment when discussion begins.
Adi Haramati- Consort Integr Med
Please stay muted until you have an opportunity to speak.
Joyce Fried
Sorry everyone. Thought I was muted.
Nick Delamere
Neil’s institution opened early. At the same time Lee’s institution remained in complete lockdown. Knowing there was no consistency was stressful for faculty.
Arthur Derse
Adi Haramati- Consort Integr Med
If you would like to offer a comment, please indicate so in the chat and I will call on you in turn after Dr. Baskin will offer her perspectives
Rebecca S. Lufler (she/her/hers)
I would love to gather input on disengaged students following implementation of in-person classes
Edgar Meyer
I would like to hear discussion on steps that institutions/programs are taking to promote and encourage wellness practices among their students.
Katy Gold
In family medicine, we are seeing a TON of routine HME/WCE. It's a little frustrating because some of these folks do need to be seen in person (need a pap, imms, etc) but many do not and could be a virtual visit. We are struggling with in-person access but patients don't want virtual visits.
Nita Ahuja
Would be great to hear from folks ideas on how they are working with their teams to combat the pandemic fatigue that is setting in.
Tracey Weiler
Pandemic fatigue to me is a loss of patience and tolerance, kindness and encouragement within the team.
Neil Osheroff
One of the problems is that no hospital or university has the stomach to shut down again. So we are all having to soldier through the issues.
Neil Osheroff
@Tracey, pandemic fatigue looks a lot like burnout…
Charles Day
I agree … and hospitals have learned “how” to navigate around pandemic issues
Katy Gold
Our portal messages from patients have literally doubled in the past year so our workload has gone up substantially. It can be a great way to avoid having to come in for a visit but physicians have no extra time to manage this. Patients have high expectations around rapid response.
Charles Day
similar to what Monica said, we found that in our patients who had their surgeries cancelled, our Black patients were more likely to delay rescheduling of their surgeries’
AAMC: Eric Weissman
That was great - all panelists. Thank you!
AAMC: Eric Weissman
Questions and comments are coming in - but please keep them flowing.
Scott D Gitlin
For clinical trainees (i.e. residents and fellows), that completed their training in June 2021, many in the procedure specialties did not reach all of their defined (by ACGME) minimum number of procedures. Although ACGME was tolerant of lower numbers, the decreased experiences do have an effect on the competency/experience that they bring to their patients following the end of their training program.
Katy Gold
@Scott--great point. We also found that. Focus has been COVID everywhere.
Charles Day
I absolutely agree Scott. I don’t think the residency competency issue has really been addressed through this pandemic …
Tracey Weiler
@Adi - I agree!!! Let's do the stuff that we have to in person, but if can be done virtually, then let's do that.
Nita Ahuja
@Scott we looked at this and the impact was not only on the graduating chiefs but all of the trainees. Impact is still unclear and unfortunately still evolving
Lee Eisner
I think that we need the experience of being back in person following the remote year that we have in order to step back and evaluate how create a new solution.
Kelly Quesnelle
In many places, the current M2 students have just completely dropped out. It’s somewhat concerning. How do you maintain the synchronous virtual presence when sessions are all recorded?
Tracey Weiler
@Kelly - we see the same thing. Much of our M2 class is not attending b/c they can see the lecture later. Our lectures are recorded, not streamed, not mandatory.
AAMC: Eric Weissman
If anyone needs contact information to a speaker, send me a note and I'll connect you - eweissman@aamc.org
Scott D Gitlin
Even before the pandemic, we had made remote learning resources (live stream and recorded video recording of lectures to students) available to students. As a result, we already had attendance issues at our lectures that have continued.
Neil Osheroff
We have a mandatory wellness day for our first year class tomorrow. But it is outside and they get to do some fun stuff along with the discussions.
Neil Osheroff
We are very lucky at Vanderbilt. We have a small class (96 students) and an intimate lecture setting. So if you provide high quality interactive lectures, the students show up.
Steven Angus
we are seeing the same thing in our primary care clinics; patients prefer not to come in; they prefer not to have a virtual visit
Monica Baskin (she/her)
One of the challenges we see here in Alabama is that we have a large rural population with poor broadband coverage, so many do not have full access to virtual visits or consistent use of the portal.
Katy Gold
@Charles--I think there was a lot of cheerfulness about "stepping up" at first but as we are approaching a year and a half of COVID, enthusiasm is waning.
Charles Day
@Katy … I agree. I find that fewer ortho providers are willing to work overtime this time around …
Katy Gold
@Monica--we also have some of that, both among our rural populations but also some of our more poor, urban populations. We are very worried what will happen when there is no more reimbursement for phone calls but patients don't have video access.
AAMC: Eric Weissman
Great point, @Katy - I think that concept is pervasive even beyond medicine.
Charles Day
@ Nita, is there any published literature on “pandemic fatigue” ?
Nita Ahuja
@Charles am not sure but as @Tracey is saying folks are snapping more. I am seeing so many complaints of people reacting badly to little things.
AAMC: Eric Weissman
thank you @tracey
Neil Osheroff
@Charles, I just typed “Pandemic Fatigue“ into PubMed and got 1,224 hits! 😃
Nita Ahuja
@Tracey am so sorry to hear of all your team is going through
Nita Ahuja
Thanks @Neil
Kelly Quesnelle
Thanks for sharing that @Tracey. You are not alone, even though you may feel that way sometimes.
Charles Day
Thx @neil
Tracey Weiler
Thanks everyone!!!
Monica Baskin (she/her)
@ Tracey. Florida is not alone... UAB Medicine implemented a mandatory vaccination policy but had to rescind it recently as it was threatened to be fought in court given the states ban on vaccination passports. The decision to put the mandate into place was also prolonged due to concerns that employees would quit rather than be vaccinated.☹️
Katy Gold
@Tracey, yikes. We need universal health care vaccination so that you don't have hospitals competing for employees by advertising "no mandatory vaccination."
Charles Day
@Monica, there was a lawsuit against Henry Ford Health systems for our mandatory vaccination requirement. However, it was dropped when Biden announced that requirement for all large companies (and thus they really would be suing the federal government).
Tracey Weiler
I saw a Washington Post article about the hospitalization and vaccination and the northeast is nice and green and the south east is purple. Very sad.
Tracey Weiler
What I would like to hear from the leadership is "What can I do to help you?"
Lee Eisner
I would like to suggest that some of the burnout and pandemic fatigue that faculty are not feeling that they are not genuinely valued and appreciated.
Lee Eisner
Are feeling
Scott D Gitlin
Thanks everyone!
Nita Ahuja
@CFAS community has a track record of figuring out best practices in the past. Hope we can continue to identify ways to optimize faculty satisfaction!
AAMC: Eric Weissman
I'll be circulating a summary and notes from this session in the coming days.
Katy Gold
Thanks all--an interesting conversation!
Amalia Landa Galindez
Enjoy the later session everyone, unfortunately I will be unable to attend. Hope to join next time!
Laurie Wellman, EVMS (she/her)
Thank you to everyone. Happy Thursday!
Kelly Quesnelle
I will also miss the cocktail hour—it’s my daughter’s birthday!
Nita Ahuja
Happy Thursday all
Katy Gold
Will there be mugs for happy hour...? A bag??